Christmas at Roundhayes

Why do you want to spend Christmas at Roundhayes? Whether you are after quiet, a change of location, space, or somewhere big enough for your family or friends to gather, we will do our best to accommodate you.   20131025_212941

20131025_212833As well as being spacious Roundhayes can cater for different combinations of family and friend groups. And at your request we can leave out a Christmas tree and a box of Christmas decorations – there is no additional charge. We’ve shown a few photos here so you have an idea of what decorations there are and how they might be set up.20131025_212856

20131025_212824Note that we don’t put the decorations up for you and we ask you to take them down at the end of your visit and leave them as you found them. Also decorations may vary slightly due to wear and tear but we endeavor to replace them as appropriate.

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