Working Holidays

Whilst in an ideal world it is great to take a complete break from work for your holiday, the reality is that many self-employed people need to keep an eye on their business whilst on holiday. Similarly some working parents are only able to join their family on a longer holiday break if they are able to allocate some of the holiday period to their work.

With desk and a good wireless signal.

With desk and a good wireless signal.

Roundhayes House has at least two working spaces. The snug is off the main lounge so can you can close the door to be close yet separate. It has a desk, good wireless access, stereo, sofa and chairs. The downstairs bedroom is also a good working space with a gate legged table, a network point to the router, en-suite bathroom, and separate access (through the utility room with fridge) to the garden.

Much of the coastal areas of North Cornwall has poor mobile reception so we recommend you have your Skype/Facetime etc. setup, but usually text messages come through in the house and you will always get reception in the garden. There is also a landline which takes incoming calls that can be available on request.

If you want to work out of the house, the Cabin Cafe which looks out on to Crackington Haven beach has wireless and serves cracking coffee and cakes.

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